One Day in Windhoek

After we dropped our 4×4 at Safari Car Rental, we had one evening and one full day left in Windhoek before we had to catch our outbound flight. Here’s how we spent the time:

Evening: Joe’s Beerhouse

Both Tripadvisor and our driver from Safari’s Car Rental recommended Joe’s Beerhouse for dinner. We followed their advice and weren’t let down. What a cool place! If a German Brewhouse and an Namibian restaurant would fall in love, their children would probably look like Joe’s Beerhouse. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the beer, the German / African and backpacking memorabilia decoration, and the typical barbecue food with different sorts of local meat. Ever wondered how zebra, oryx antelope, or wildebeest taste? If you haven’t tried it before, then this is your chance.

Day: City and Township Tour

We booked a city and township tour on relatively short notice and got lucky: Since we were the only guests, we got a private tour just for ourselves. Our guide Tangeni contacted us via WhatsApp and picked us up at our hotel.

The tour included both cultural and political stops, and Tangeni provided valuable background information. We started at the Presidential Palace with a short overview of the political history of Namibia.

Statue of Hendrik Witbooi
Statue of national hero Hendrik Witbooi near the Presidential Palace. Background: Blossoming Jacaranda Trees – probably the most beautiful trees in the world.

We then headed over to the impressive Independence Memorial Museum, which was a commissioned by a North Korean construction firm.
Being the fourth largest producer of uranium in the world, Namibia’s relations with North Korea have drawn global attention. However, their ties date back decades: North Korea and other Soviet nations heavily supported the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) in the Namibian Independence War.

We continued with the Christuskirche, a historic Lutheran church and one of the landmarks of Windhoek; and then proceeded to a vibrant market in one of the townships. We even got some pocket money to buy local goods! I’ll let you know later how dried caterpillars taste when prepared according to Tangeni’s recipe… 🙂

That was it! We relaxed a bit in a restaurant after the tour and then headed back to the airport. Overall, we were extremely happy about our experience in Namibia. We’ve seen lots of fascinating countries so far, but Namibia was one of our highlights. The diverse landscape. The wildlife. The friendliness of the people. The food. The camping experience. There are so many things that we loved! A big thanks to everyone who helped us make this trip. <3


There’s little that we would have changed in our trip. Maybe stay one night less in the Kalahari and one more at Spitzkoppe. If you want to learn what else we experienced in Namibia, check out our travel route for the entire trip – including reviews of the most exciting places!

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