Uninstall Wlarp.exe

Download wlarp.exe to uninstall Windows Live Essentials

I recently tried to re-install Windows Live Essentials, but failed because the uninstall file wlarp.exe was corrupted. A quick Google research revealed that many other users had a similar problem.

Microsoft even had a support page for this, but unfortunately the download link to wlarp.exe wasn’t working anymore. After failing to find a reliable source for the file, I remembered that I might still have it on an old notebook. I did, and the installation worked!

If you were also looking for wlarp.exe, here it is: wlarp.exe

The .exe file is zipped because WordPress didn’t allow me to upload an exe file.

Just download & unzip. Hope this helps! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Download wlarp.exe to uninstall Windows Live Essentials

  1. Robert J Demaree says:

    Program stated, “There is a problem with one or more of your Windows Live programs…” It then gives the option to uninstall now–to which I chose YES.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but after the program ends–I would assume, since there were no errors of which to speak–that the Windows Live program(s) was/were successfully uninstalled.

    But, after attempting to reinstall, and receiving the SAME error–apparently, this was NOT the case!

    Personally, I’m tired of “bobbing for apples” in this scenario. I think it’s about time for the inevitable windows reinstall!!!! Geez!!

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