Ta Prohm Temple

Exploring the ancient Ruins of Angkor

The giant temple complex of Angkor is one of the world's most fascinating travel destinations. Several hundred years ago, Angkor was the home to more than a million people. At the time, it was probably the largest urban area in the world. Scientists are still puzzled why exactly this metropolis was abandoned. Soon enough, the [...]

How to come up with Ideas for a Startup

So, you've decided to become an entrepreneur. Congratulations! Now you need a genius business idea that will make you as successful as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk? Don't worry, here are some suggestions how to get started: Attend a Startup Weekend Startup Weekends bring together lots of startup enthusiasts for a weekend. A [...]

The Mytilenian Debate

In Thucydides’ account of the Mytilenian debate, the citizens of Athens are discussing whether they should put to death all Mytilenian men and enslave all women and children. Mytilene, a former Athenian ally, had revolted against Athenian oppression but lost in a fight against the Athenian army. In a previous debate, the Athenians already decided [...]